Army Promotion Points Calculator & Worksheet

When it comes to figuring out how many points you have towards an Army promotion, there is a very quick and easy way to calculate your points. You can use the EZ Army Points Army Promotion Points Calculator that allows you to input of your information. It will produce your points in each category and your total points. This will allow you to see where you stand at any moment in time.

How to Use the EZ Army Promotion Points Calculator

This calculator is actually really simple to use. The first thing to make sure you have done is click the circle for whichever rank you are trying to make points for (SGT or SSG).
  1. Expand each section as you go along. 
  2. Enter how many months you have been deployed
  3. Enter your APFT score
  4. Select the correct weapon that you qualified on
  5. Enter you weapons qualification score
  6. Look through each of the awards listed and enter the number of each award that you have
  7. Check the box next to any badges you have received
  8. Check the box next to any courses you have completed
  9. Check the box next to any NCO courses you have completed relevant to the rank you are trying to achieve. (If you clicked the correct circle for the rank, the corresponding Non-commissioned Officer Education System courses will be available to check)
  10. Select the corresponding honors if your received any such as Commander's List, Distinguished Honor Graduate or Distinguished Leadership Graduate
  11. Enter the number of hours you have completed in correspondence courses
  12. Enter the number of hours of resident military courses you have completed. Only 40+ hour courses will be counted. Do not include any courses you have already checked above, including those that you received a badge for. 
  13. Enter the number of semester hours of college credits you have completed. If you have done any CLEP or DANTES tests and received a passing grade, enter those as well. Each test is worth a certain amount of semester hours of college credit. 
  14. Enter the number of technical certifications you have
  15. Enter the number of Defense Language Proficiency tests you have completed with a passing score
  16. Check the box if you have completed any college degree while on active duty in the Army. 
  17. Click "calculate my points"
  18. View your results
  19. Print your results, and write the date on it to have a reference point for later

Below is an example of the results page I did for a Specialist looking to get promoted to Sergeant.

 Army Promotion Points Calculator Issues

The problem with this calculator is that you can't save your results and come back later when you have gained more points. If you are wanting a calculator that you can use as a tracker sheet, your best bet is to create a spreadsheet that you can save on your computer to reference and add to later. This way you don't have to check all of your awards and scores to different things each time you want to calculate your points.

My Solution to The Army Promotion Point Calculator Problems 

I am currently in the process of creating a fill-able and save-able worksheet for you to use. This way, you can download it and save it for future reference. This also gives you a way to keep track of your points from the moment you enter the Army, which I highly recommend focusing on starting as a Private. It will make life much easier once you have the appropriate Time in Rank and Time in Grade to be looking towards promotion. For now, you can also print out the DA Form 3355 (PPW) to write in your points and keep in your records.

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